Friday, August 22, 2008

Frequent Liars' Club

I had heard that the campaign of John McCain had instituted a "Reward Points" program for bloggers and those commenting on news stories to earn cool campaign "stuff", so I actually took a look at the McCain for president website, and found the invitation to "spread the word" complete with "talking points" and the promise that people who posted something and sent the link in to the campaign, that individual would earn "Reward Points" for their posting.

I don't often make an endorsement (or even get into a political argument, for that matter), but whatever I say or do on behalf of a candidate, I do without the expectation of compensation, and I most gladly support Barak Obama's run for president.

Always support the one who doesn't try to buy it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a loser!!

Me, that is... I lost 2 1/2 pounds this week, which is a good thing. It still means that I weigh over 350 pounds (seriously uncool), but I'm hoping to lose to about 270 by next February.

Oh how neglectful I have been here! I failed to note the loss of a cat (Spooks) in December. She simply stopped eating, and, because she was severly hyperthyroid, simply wasted away until I finally had the vet send her on to Rainbow Bridge.

I retired, too! My agency offered an early out with a buyout, and I took their offer! So now I'm finding myself so busy with things at home that I wonder how I managed to make time for work. The income is definitely quite a bit less (which sucks), but I'm slowly adjusting to new realities.


My heat pump decided to pack it in a couple of weeks ago. Several days later (and many $$$ lighter), I have a new, high-efficiency heat pump with a programmable thermostat... maybe someday I'll have saved enough on the electric bill to pay for it.

The people who fixed (and ultimately replaced) my heat pump found this small (dead) garter snake in the blower fan in the house. Yoiks!! The cats would have made short work of it, had it been bold enough to come out into the living areas of the house...

Friday, April 11, 2008

I really gotta do this more often...

I've definitely been neglecting the care and feeding of my blog. I'll try to update it more frequently and with more interesting things...

Two of my seven cats, Spoodles and Flame (I call him Flame-bo, because he's got that attitude) first grooming each other, then a play-fight breaks out...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hokie High!!

Ok, I'm a Virginia Tech grad ('81). I follow the Hokies' football team each season, and even manage to catch an occasional game, or part of one. I'm so pleased that this year's team managed to beat Florida State, for the first time since before I was at Tech. Congratulations for finally pulling it off!


The place I work is deciding on buyouts with (in my case) early retirement. They want those that are accepted for this to be off their payroll by the end of November. It's now going to be another two days (until Thursday) before they decide who to accept. Is this supposed to be some form of torture? *sigh*

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today is a good day to di.... erm, start a blog.

What can I say? Here starts an occasional (probably rather irregular, or I don't know myself very well) series of thoughts, rants and small tales from "my point of view"... I'm just gonna "wing it", as they say...